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Project Description
This is an attempt to parse C# Operation source and convert them into UML Activity Diagrams.

The development of a suitable diagram editor is the next priority
In UML an activity is something that happens.

It can have zero or many arguments, a return type, a set of local variables, and via the 'this' parameter can access object and class properties, fields, and associations

An activity is composed of other activities and actions, which are executed to provide a desired result.

In UML the sequencing of individual actions and activities are ordered by passing a control token between activity / action nodes; much the same as the sequential execution of statements in a traditional text based source, one statement after another. UML seeks to minimise this rigid consecutive execution, and single threaded processing, and introduce a more data flow orientated approach that lends itself to alternative execution processing ( mult-threaded, multi-processor, and enables easier concurrency and parrellism).


This is a side project, and consequently I have limited time to devote to this project. I am forced to publish or have the project deleted; a play on the academics publish or be damned ethos ;-)

I do intend to provide source code, documentation, and support ( just might be a tad slow ).

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UML Deployment, UML Component, UML Class, UML Object, UML State, UML Composition, and UML Repository are likely associated projects that I have yet to create.

Sequence which was created some time ago is also related, covering UML Sequence diagrams.

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